Into the darkness….

Yes, we are sick.  This is unlike anything we, (as a species), have ever encountered in 100’s of years.  Yet we have encountered worse things – (i.e. the black death).  Don’t mistake preparedness for panic – it dismisses our need to recognize what is true both collectively and globally.  Don’t believe the hype – meaning – we will get through this together and become more globally aware than we have ever been.  We are all confronting our mortality, together.  This virus is infecting indiscriminately.   We have to hold the reality that we could get sick and die; particularly if your body is compromised due to age or medical conditions.  I’m 43, and have a page of current, active, medical issues – I’m also stretched to my limits – finishing a doctoral dissertation, getting through internship, and holding a delicate balance in a family of 4 completely different creatures, each with intricate individual needs.

I’m not battling the coronavirus, I’m trying to navigate it.  It is a new reality in this world. Acceptance and acknowledgement goes a long way here.  It gives you permission to trust your instincts again; just remember that your perception of your instincts (i.e. why you’re getting activated) is a choice.  You choose your perception, interpretation, and understanding of all of your experiences (senses, emotions, intuition, – biological, psychological, emotional, spiritual).  In other words, you chose what you see in the world.  The real truth is that there are infinite ways of interpreting every experience.  I believe that infinity lives in the darkness, because the darkness holds every possibility (chaos). I choose growth and accept the price of suffering that I must endure so that I can blossom, and become the best me I can become.  It is the only path I can see that holds the least amount of harm with the most amount of growth.  I don’t actually know where this path will end up.  I choose to trust (as a friend of mine says), that whatever comes our way will be what it must be.  What I see in it is all me, is my chosen perspective.  What you see in it is all you, your chosen perspective.  If we all share a common perspectives (or universal truth) of what it is (an experience, a chair, anything), then that is what it must be, until proven otherwise.