People are inherently kind….

Across the globe, in fear, one of our instincts is to stay connected, hold on to hope, and grieve together, each in our own ways. For some that looks like lightheartedness and remembering the joy that will inevitably return. For other’s, it looks like sitting in the sorrow, grief, and the ‘inevitable’ end of an era, in an attempt to remember all those who came before us. Most of us fall between these two extremes – in gradients and levels of complicated emotions that create a symphony of colors and flavors – like a complicated, sweet, and savory dish as cooked by a professional chef.

Underneath all the complicated emotions – the one experience we all share, is a need to be connected with each other – whether it be in person using all your known senses; or through technology, practicing our new sense of connection in an underlying attempt to connect us across the globe.

In other words, People, are inherently kind, particularly with each other. In the midst of a global pandemic – instead of riots and looting, war and suffering, we instead share our panic, concern, and worry for each other – with reassurance, an abundance of caution, and a continued need to challenge each other (are we over/under-reacting; are we doing the best thing?). We are being the best humans we know how to be. As we grow, mistakes will be made; just like riding a bike for the first time; we may fall off.  We continually get back on the bike, because we want to learn how to ride – we want to learn how to live.  We intuitively recognize that the best path is one with the least amount of harm, and the most amount of growth.