Who is Peter Navarro?

On the eve of the first anniversary of the insurrection, Peter Navarro outlined Trump’s scheme to remain in power while throwing Trump under the bus in the process! Renee says that they are not protecting the office, but rather they are protecting themselves. Earlier this week, Navarro explained in linear step-by-step fashion how the plot was designed. He illustrated the exact procedure used to implement the coup d’etat and went as far as to disclose the name of the operation (Green Bay power sweep). Using football as a metaphor Steve Bannon stated that ‘you call the play and then you run the play.’ Apparently, Mike Pence was the quarterback in this analogy because the success or failure rested firmly upon his shoulders. We know of these things because Peter Navarro went on television and told us. He explained that the coup was based solely upon the Big Lie and went on to describe how the election was stolen. These events were broadcast on a television program called “The Beat.” In his role as journalist, the American attorney Ari Melber reiterated that the election was not stolen. Melber calmly reminded his childish guest that the highest court in the land had rejected claims of election fraud. Navarro’s sole argument was that the election was rigged, so Melber shot him down every step of the way.

Ari Melber needs to be congratulated, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because his method of dealing with Trumpers can be replicated in laboratory settings. If Ari did it, then we can do it too! That’s the scientific method in action! Melber needs to be applauded because he stood up to a bully in the most productive way. Not only did he have the upper hand in the conversation, but he illustrated that, even at the highest levels, bullies lack the capacity to behave as adults; hence they are not to be feared. They depend on your fear for their very existence. Like children, bullies need to be told ‘no.’ Navarro caved because Melber relied upon facts and stood firm and resolute. Facts are like kryptonite for the Trumpers.

Back in the 20th century, a film entitled ‘Independence Day’ illustrated a scenario in which the world was infested by an uninvited extra-terrestrial sickness that suddenly thrust itself upon the land. Eventually one man learned how to thwart the invasion! Although America had been badly beaten, and our infrastructure was in shambles, the heroes toiled on!  The film climaxed when the solution was globally shared through a primitive patchwork telegraph system. The message was to remain unafraid!

Thankfully, that was just a movie. In reality, America hasn’t been beaten at all! We have not been reduced to Morris Code; we have YouTube. I find the following video inspirational because it perfectly illustrates how to make a stand.