Our Duality

I was born in Socorro, New Mexico in 1976 (a bicentennial baby).  Socorro means aid, help, heal.  My maiden name is Patricia Renee Torres.  It means Noble Rebirth Tower.  I am a Chicana, ½ Native American, ½ Spaniard.  We are also referred to as Mestizas.  We claimed the title Hispanic, because our culture was shifted 100’s of years ago when the Spaniards conquered a large portion of North America.  My family has lived in the same area for 100’s of years.  My Uncle Felix, the loving patriarch of the Torres lineage (my father’s family), traced our roots 300 years into the past.  My mother’s lineage held the same story.

We are a people who live with such a deep level of duality, that it reaches into your soul.  It forces us to either be at odds with ourselves and each other, or to lay down and accept our fate.  I refused to do either.  Instead, I want to understand how our duality serves us and why we worship it at every level of our being.  It is a soul wound that the whole world is at odds with.  So, I ask the question, what would make this (our duality) so beneficial that we, as a human race, would be at such odds with it?  Yes, beneficial.  If our duality were not beneficial, we would not bother grappling with it.  We would simply ignore it.

So, what would acceptance of our duality look like?  When is it beneficial, and when is it detrimental?  These are the musings I feel we must all ask ourselves.