Data Collection Complete!

Renee here – I Just wanted to give an update.  I am on the last stretch of my doctorate.  I will complete internship at the end of August, and hopefully defend my dissertation on this model in September.  Last night, we completed our last workshop.  All I have left is to analyze the data, write it up, do a few edits, defend, and submit.  We may even be able to publish it in a journal.  I will at least publish it here, on the site, for sure.  I am hopeful that once I finally complete my doctorate, that I will be able to dedicate more time to this site.  Once I graduate, I am continuing on into a post-doc residency with Western Psychological & Counseling Services.  The president of Western is excited about helping me grow this model through the organization (with groups and training’s) while I work my way to licensure when I can finally call myself, unequivocally, a psychologist.

The partner and I are considering creating a YouTube channel on our discussions about the dynamic interpersonal model.  We are just a little camera shy, but are slowly getting used to it.  We’re trying to convince our daughter to animate our discussions – I think that would be neat.  Otherwise, we’ll work on getting used to being seen.

I am eternally grateful for all the support and love that has been offered to me through this difficult journey.  This is the last stretch.  Because of all of you, I know I can do it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!.