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Oakland and the Coronavirus

The fact that the governor of California has been keeping ships with infected individuals, from docking tells you this is how serious they are taking this virus.

They also have decided to let them dock in Oakland – after what may have been hours of deliberation considering how haggard the CA governor looks like as he explains what they decided to do so that American’s can come home.

Albeit that this is serious – we are not panicking. Sharing that we are concerned, or afraid, does not equal panic – it equals acknowledging a fear of something we don’t understand yet.

Remember when you are supposing. It may just be my impression that he looks haggard. I don’t actually know. I acknowledge that this is my perspective. Knowing what happens when a crisis comes up – from my experience as a mental health professional, I know that decisions like this have to be made very carefully. And I assume that the Governor of CA would work the same way. If there is verifiable evidence that is contrary to my view, I must then change my perspective to include the new information as part of my reality – and only part.

There’s always a bigger picture.