Proud Boys, Stand Down and Listen

I am not a proud boy. Instead, I am a proud man!  There is a difference between men and boys.  Men are held accountable for their actions. Men can recognize when they have made a mistake.  A proud man can own his shortcomings and learn from them.  Men are able to navigate their emotions and regulate their behaviors.  Boys on the other hand, well let’s face facts: boys are dumb.  Boys often act like spoiled children having tantrums because they feel that their needs are not being met.  For example:  January 6th.  I rest my case.  

As a proud man, I live a life in which I have no enemies.  Having said that we are living in the end times; the end of the old paradigm that is.  As a proud man, I realize the importance of making relationships; not breaking them. As a proud man I can empathize with the strife of others. Therefore, I have no enemies.

As we begin our transition into the next paradigm, an effective system of governance will be humanity’s saving grace.  Luckily for us, America is not broken yet.  She is only bent a little.  The point being that there is still hope.  I’m optimistic that our future government will be filled with newly minted representatives in the coming years.  A congress filled with adults will be a nice contrast.  Currently, the Republican party is infested with petulant teens and children who masquerade as grown-ups.  This brings us back to the topic of proud boys. 

If you want our respect, you must earn it. The adults are in charge now and we intend to keep all children safe.  Sometimes this requires the adults to tell the children “No.”  No longer can you coast through life on the backs of other cultures.  The only thing that makes America work is our diversity.  We are the only country on earth with so many intermingling cultures.  In the old paradigm it was the white culture that dominated.  Those days are over.  Proud boys are going to have to learn to coexist.  This is to say that the white culture is no longer dominant.  People of differing cultural backgrounds are tired of being kicked around and treated like second class citizens. They don’t intentionally generate static for the white culture, and they expect to be repaid in kind.  Proud boys and their white culture are a welcome addition to the new paradigm.  We just insist that you embrace a philosophy of growth; a philosophy in which maturing into adulthood is of paramount importance to you.  Be a Proud Man!  Garner a little respect for yourselves, and answer some of these tough questions:

Who are you? 

What are you most proud of? 

What have you done to make the world a better place than when you found it? 

Are your children proud of you?