Fear or Trust?

Hopeful Challenger

Today is August 22, 2021.  Rumor has it that the Proud Boys are planning an event designed to propagate fear and hatred against things that they deem as unacceptable.  The local Portland police chief publicly announced that the police department will not intervene when violence ensues.  Additionally, Hurricane Henri is bearing down on New England.  The economy is in shambles and corporate greed continues to erode the very fabric of our existence.  The Colorado River is going dry due to the mega-drought and government officials are already rationing water for Arizona.  Agriculture in the American Southwest is going to be severely affected by this turn of events. Coincidentally, climate change is happening globally which is an indication that global agriculture will share the same fate as Arizona which will lead to global food shortages.

It’s hard to keep up a brave face these days.  I believe that with each dark tunnel comes a ray of hope.  In this case, hope springs out from within the model itself.  This is to say that in trying times we must take a deep breath and ask ourselves, “am I approaching this from scarcity or abundance?”

Are we approaching this from fear or trust?”

The way in which we cultivate trust is by isolating our core values.  What would you protect above all else?  When we as individuals can isolate our core values, we can then cultivate a relationship with a part of ourselves that has always been there. There exists, within each and every one of us, an observer.  It is the observer in you who has the capacity to differentiate between scarcity and abundance.  It is your inner observer who sounds the alarm when you get submerged into an analytical state of fear. This is to say that your inner observer communicates to your analytical brain to jar you, the driver, into a state of attentiveness and awareness.

You will recognize the sensation the moment that you discover your inner observer.  Think of your analytical mind as a radio receiver.  Now think of your observer as an internal broadcasting tower designed to shower your receiver with infinite wisdom.  This wisdom is derived from the cumulative energies of all sentient beings.  Our task, analytically, is to tune into the frequency so we can develop communications with it. Once we achieve this, we can build scaffolding to help support and nurture our newly discovered core self.  It is the core self that will remind you of the abundance you may have overlooked. For example, you may have overlooked your courage to stand up and be a challenger instead of a victim.

By letting the model work its way through me I have been able to navigate between fear and trust.  Said differently, I trust that when confronted with fear I will safely navigate it the same way I have learned to navigate other emotions. I trust that I have no enemies, only challengers.  Sometimes challengers can be ruthless. Other times challengers need to be challenged. Perhaps other times, challengers just need to be listened to.

How will the model help us navigate the afore mentioned trials that lay before us as a species?  For one thing it snaps us into the present moment.  Perhaps your present moment is laden with stress and uncertainty. When fear strikes at your heart remember that your observer has a special message just for you. The message is that you are not alone.  We are all suffering together. There is no they, only us