For Renee

It’s Halloween and I’m a happy guy!

Halloween marks the anniversary of our hand fasting ceremony. In 2018 Renee and I performed the sacred ritual on our deck. The deck where all the magic happens. The same deck where Renee and I philosophize for hours upon end. I love her and she loves me. She loves me more than any woman has loved any man. I love her the same way! She has shown me the kind of love that I never knew existed. Before she found me, I was very rough. I did not recognize I was a fire creature yet, and what’s more I didn’t even know what Narcissism was. Renee saw the man in me that I couldn’t see yet. She rescued me from myself. Renee being the Water creature that she is, poured down infinite cleansing love upon me. That was twenty years ago, and the intensity of our bond is still thriving.

I remember the days when we first met. Renee was indescribably unique. In those days, she presented as a cute and mousy Latina, but I could still perceive a latent ferocity in her aura. The first thing that struck me about her (aside from her natural beauty) was her intellect. She has always been insanely intelligent. Beyond that, the girl I fell in love with possessed a certain ability to reach me. Renee effortlessly reached deeply into my soul. It was as if she gently reminded me of things that I had forgotten along the way. I had forgotten that I had value. I had forgotten that I could be worthy of love. I forgot that I had the capacity to be loving. I learned that “Trust is not a myth.”

Renee helped me revitalize my torn and wretched soul, and in turn I pledge my infinite undying love to her. She reflects my love for her back to me. I reflect Renee’s love for me back to her. Around and round, we go. Renee and I are securely attached to each other on all levels. It’s as if we were predestined for each other. When our respective lives intersected, we knew. Like some sort of cosmic metaphysical covalent bond, we found ourselves cemented to each other. We both knew that, come what may, we could tackle any obstacle as long as we stood together. We knew it then, and we know it now.

After twenty years we are still at each other’s side. Day by day and night by night.

It’s Halloween and I’m a happy guy! It’s our anniversary!

I love you, Renee!