In Response To Trump Part II

I have not posted since back in March. When I posted back then I briefly explained why I was a Trump supporter. In 2016 Donald Trump won my vote due in large part to Donald’s anti-establishment worldview.   I voted for Donald …. and I realize that was a mistake. I can own that.  In my last post I mentioned that Donald is a bullshit artist, con man, a grifter.  I say these things, but I harbor no ill will towards the man. If anything, I feel pity towards him.

Donald is in way over his head. He must be slowly coming to grips with the fact that his ‘brand’ is becoming tarnished.  If Donald fails to secure a second term in office, he will face a moment of colossal reckoning.  He will find that the Trump name no longer holds the same luster as it did back in 2016.  This is to say that the entire world knows Donald for what he truly is.  Donald goes around selling himself as a self-made real estate mogul. Evidence indicates that this is all predicated by lies.   I predict that Donald Trump’s financial empire will dissolve promptly upon his return to civilian life. In fact, he may even face criminal charges from the Internal Revenue Service.  What would it be like for Donald if the IRS seizes his hotels for collateral in lieu of back taxes?  Would he do time in Federal Prison?  Do these questions presently reside in the Donald’s consciousness? Does he lose any sleep worrying about life after the presidency?

I have grown to realize that Donald Trump’s moral character is not as advertised. This explains his desperate struggle to retain his seat in office.  The world is rapidly understanding how the Trump brand is steeped in deception.   And what of his moral character?  Donald labels military heroes as being “suckers and losers.”  To make matters worse, Donald refuses to stand up straight when he is behind his podium.  Have you noticed that also?  When giving speeches (with a proud display of American flags at his back) Donald literally slouches behind the lectern as if his legs cannot support his own weight.  His physical posture resembles that of a literal question mark.  What kind of man refuses to stand up straight when giving a public address?    In this context, a man who refuses to stand up straight is a man who has minimal respect for his audience.  This leads me to believe that Donald has no respect; not even for himself.

I am a patriotic guy and I thought Donald was as well.  The way he carries himself, while standing in front of a display of American flags is disgraceful in my opinion.  The man is the commander in chief after all.  He should be cognizant of all the blood that has been spilled in defense of these flags.  The least he can do is stand up straight while giving a speech.  What kind of man are you Mr. President?  What kind of man can be so egregiously disrespectful of our national symbol?    Granted, this is just a pet peeve of mine.  I learned a thing or two about respect during my brief stint in the Marine Corps. I digress.

I cannot vote for Donald again. I cannot vote for a man who does not respect himself or others.  He is a compulsive liar, and to make matters worse he cannot give a straight answer to a simple question.    What kind of man cannot answer a simple question?   We all saw the first debate.  What a horror show that turned out to be; and to make matters worse the debate commission had to mute his microphone for debate number three (after skipping out on the second).  What a disgrace!  The so-called leader of the free world cannot keep his own mouth shut long enough to engage in a civil conversation.

Do not even get me started on his refusal to disavow hate groups such as the so-called proud boys! What kind of a man stirs up divisiveness to secure votes from within his own dwindling base?   How I would relish an opportunity to ask him these questions. This is a Republic Mr. President.  You are not our dictator.  Our constitution employs a system of checks and balances for a reason!

I voted for you Donald because you fooled me.  In 2016 I thought that you were a man’s man. A man of character I dare say.  To my own peril I failed to put in the research as I blindly joined the Trump bandwagon.  If I had educated myself, I would never have voted for Trump in 2016.  My advice to undecided voters is to get yourselves educated.  Learn from my mistake.

I will be voting Democrat this time around.