In Response to Trump and the Coronavirus

I listen to Donald Trump’s daily messages, and like you I am alarmed that he is so worried about the economy. Donald is suggesting that he will open up America again by Easter. The man just has no concept of what exponential growth means. I hear that the virus doubles every three days in some places.

Okay so here’s the thing. I voted for Trump and I’ll tell you why. Donald Trump is like me and I’m like him. Donald Trump is by definition a narcissist. The man loves attention. What’s more troubling is the arrogance. I also have issues with being arrogant. I have also had moments when I felt entitled to certain things just because of my male white privilege. Donald thinks that he is always the smartest person in the room. I know this because Donald is like me, and I am like him. I’m so much like him that I once called a bud tender Sweetie! I said it loud too! Everyone heard me! To my own defense I apologized immediately which diffused the situation. I said, “I can’t believe I said that. That was rude. I thought that I was still back in 1973 for a minute there.”

My broader point is that privileged, narcissist white males like Donald and me are what I like to call “bullshit artists” I’m an old guy and I have racked up lot’s of life experience. That’s what makes me such a good conversationalist. Have you noticed that Donald tries to draw from his life experience in feeble attempts to prove he knows something? Classic formula for bullshit. The problem is that nobody takes the Donald seriously. The reason for this is that he is full of shit. From one old bullshitter to another, I would tell Donald that he is in way over his head. I would take him aside and calmly explain to the man (in terms that he could understand) that nobody is even listening to him anymore because he is so full of it. For example, I guarantee that if Donald tries to re open America prematurely then the local and state governments will lawfully disobey his mandates. Can you imagine? State government over riding the presidential influence? I can. It’s time for the masses to know that the national government is a paper tiger. Local government is where it’s at. That’s one of the silver linings.

I would also explain to Donald that the global economy has been a shambles since ‘08. The whole thing was nothing but a house of cards. More on that later. The global economy is history. Trying to bail out all of the fortune 500 companies won’t work this time around. The economy is going to be so screwed by this thing that the only solution is going to be a complete and total global debt forgiveness program. I mean mortgage debt as well as student loan debt.  This is called a “debt jubilee”  in some circles

If I could whisper in Donald’s ear I would say,

“Forget about all of the 1% fat cats…their time is through…what you really need to focus on Mr. President is the low income and underprivileged. Just think how much love you would reap from the masses if you convinced them that you are on there side. Imagine how popular you would be if you forgave every mortgage debt in the nation! Why you would be the most revered president in history! You’ll be like Charles Lindbergh! You’ll be a HERO! They’ll put your face on the new silver dollars!”

That’s what I would tell Donald. I would play on his desire to be adored. I suppose that would be manipulative, but hey…that’s what bullshitters do.  Or at least what I would have said in my earlier years.  I am trying to be a “recovering bullshit artist.”