Transitions through scarcity and abundance

People who grew up in scarcity – you got this.  You know this dance.  This ain’t your first rodeo.  You have been here before.  Step up.  Not out of anger – out of trust.  Trust in your ability to overcome this experience.  You have done this before.  You have spent your life trusting outside of yourself.  Even if it was trust in science, knowledge, or spiritual influences.  We trusted what we learned, adjusting as needed when novel information that was reasonable moved us to acceptance.  It’s time to start trusting yourself and teaching other’s your skills of overcoming some of the most hopeless moments.  You have an abundance of tools at your disposal.

On the other hand, people who grew up in abundance, this may be new to you.  You haven’t had nearly as many opportunities to develop the skills it takes to navigate chaos such as this.  Now is the time for all of us to grow.  First you face your fear.  Embrace it.  Second, you gotta ask yourself – is this an irrational fear or rational fear?  If it’s an irrational fear, move on to the next activity.  If, on the other hand, it is a rational fear, then I make a plan to soothe my anxiety.  Next, I implement the plan.  It keeps my mind focused on the task at hand; the present moment; taking each moment as it comes; reacting to situations in a way that would result in the least amount of harm with the most amount of growth.  Then all is well.

Personally, the only thing that gets in the way of this process, is the idea of losing my life partner, my wife, my Supreme Queen.  This is a rational fear.  I don’t dwell upon it constantly – but when the fear returns, I take my own advice and I embrace it.  I stay in the present moment and accept the possibility that she may draw her last breath at any time.  In moments like these we have to all ask ourselves, what is my intention?  Is my intention creating panic inside of me?  Or is my intention focusing on the undying love for and from my wife.  I love her the way she loves me.  And that’s a lot.  Our love is symbiotic.

Now, if you could relate to both scarcity and abundance that means that you are both and neither.  We have all had instances of extreme scarcity.  Extreme to each individual, (relative to each individual’s experience – in other words, you cannot compare one person’s scarcity to another’s – because there are some things that are easier for some and vice versa – we all have different strengths, thus different weaknesses).  We have all also had instances of extreme abundance – again – extreme to each individual.  Use the tools you learned in each of these moments to help you through the impending chaos.  Let yourself go crazy for just a moment – scream if you need to – bellow out your barbaric YAWP!  Then, let go of all your preconceived notions about what it means to live in scarcity.  The reality is not always as terrible as you imagine.  What you see when you imagine scarcity – is the extreme end or outlier of it.  What lives between extreme scarcity to some abundance is a gradient of infinite possibilities.  This is darkness.  Our preconceived notion tells us that the darkness wants to devour us.  However, I chose to believe, instead, that the darkness consists of rich fertilizer that will help us blossom in the new world.  The chaos does not want to devour us – it wants to renew us.  It is here to show us that we are capable of creating unimaginably wonderful things out of the darkness.

It’s not just the end of the world; it’s also the beginning.